Saturday, June 11, 2016

Galapagos Island Adventure Part 1

Two years ago my husband and I decided we wanted to experience the Galapagos Islands while we were healthy enough to enjoy all the activities offered by a Galapagos tour. After a lot of research we chose Celebrity Xpedition and it was worth every penny. I love birding and we both love to take photos so we were in for an exciting adventure.

We visited the inner islands of Santiago, Rabida, Isabela, Santa Cruz, North Seymour, San Cristobal and Bartolome. We enjoyed leisurely walks, hikes, shorkeling, swimming, visits to the Interpretation Center, the Charles Darwin Station and Giant Tortoise Breeding Center.

You had to be sure-footed to walk on some of the uneven surfaces. We were always accompanied by guides who spoke excellent English and were very knowledgeable about the flora, fauna and history of the islands.

Lava rock walk at Sullivan Bay, Santiago Island
North Seymour Island walk
We hiked up and over the mountain to get a good look at the Red-footed Booby at Punta Pit, San Cristobal Island. This is the only site in the Galapagos where you have a chance to see all three species of boobies - the Blue-footed, Red-footed and Nazca Booby-  and we did!
Red-footed Booby and chick

Blue-footed Booby
Nazca Booby

Riding the zodiac was the way to get from the ship to shore or for close rides along the coast line. Below are two photos taken along the rock walls.

Marine Iguana and Sally Lightfoot Crabs
Flightless Cormorants

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