Friday, May 30, 2014

Birding on Mt. Lemon, Tucson, Arizona

My husband, Keith, and I spent a wonderful morning and early afternoon with our friends Kate Reynolds and her mother, Virginia Foley Reynolds. This time we let the birds come to us. We found a comfortable spot, sat is our chairs with coffee and were rewarded with some exciting looks and sounds of birds.

The following is a sampling of some of beautiful birds we saw.

American Robin
Red-faced Warbler

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher -I was very surprised that I captured this fast moving little bird.

Cordilleran Flycatcher

Hermit Thrush

Painted Redstart

Spotted Towhee

Summer Tanager

White-breasted Nuthatch by nest in cavity of tree

House Wren

There are always the birds I am not sure of, such as this little bird in the photo below. My thought is that she is a Female Lesser Goldfinch.

One of the rewards while birding is a chance to see other wildlife.
Cliff Chipmunk

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Birding around in Tucson, Arizona

Here are just a few of the wonderful birds I have seen while walking in Sabino Canyon, and some of the parks around Tucson.

Anna's Hummingbird

Black-throated Sparrow

Cactus Wren

Cactus Wren with lunch

Cedar Waxwing

Gila Woodpecker

Great Horned Owl

Greater Roadrunner

Harris's Sparrow - a rarity for Tucson

House Finch

Northern Flicker

Sage Thrasher - Another rarity for Tucson



White-winged Dove

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hiking Douglas Springs Trail

This morning my husband and I decided to hike part of the Douglas Springs Trail on the east end of Tucson, Arizona. It's February and the weather is beautiful, about 53 F. The trail runs along the northern boundary of the Saguaro National Park East.
            The trail starts out flat then begins a gradual climb into the Rincon Mountains. 
                      There is quite a variety of cacti and other plant life along the way.

Surprisingly, there were not many birds, which is a big interest of mine. However, the song of the Cactus Wren could be heard up and down the trail. He is a great little bird to see!
A quick look at a tiny bit of wildlife!

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Fun of Eating in Japan

Let's start off with dessert!
Green tea and beans are found in many desserts.
We decided to take a break in the afternoon and shared these two desserts. They were  both so delicious! I think Amanda and Kyoko had fun choosing things for us to try.

The dessert to the right is babaloa which is like green tea mousse.

The dessert to the left is shaved ice with green tea ice cream, sweet red beans, black sugar and white rice flour dumplings. So good!

I know the ingredients may sound strange to some of you, but both were wonderful!

One thing you see along the streets are the displays of plastic food advertising what is sold in the shop or restaurant. They are so realistic.
The first place we ate was lunch at a Kaiten Sushi restaurant which is sushi served from a conveyor belt.
The color of the plate indicates the price, so a blue plate might be 200 yen or about $2.00. As you eat you stack your plates up and they equal the costs of  your lunch.

The next type of food was from a "farmer's kitchen" restaurant. You fill your glass with all sorts of vegetables. The man behind the counter chopped and talked about all the vegetables- many we had never seen before.Then you fill a separate dish with 3 types of dressings for dipping.

 Fun with Shabu Shabu!

Shabu Shabu is cooking thinly sliced meats and vegetables in hot broths.

We ended our eating experience with Okonomiyaki, Monjayaki and Modanyaki (Modern-Yaki).
Yes, we ate all three! These are savory Japanese pancakes made with all sorts of delicious ingredients.

I can't say enough about all the wonderful foods we ate. The flavors and aromas were amazing. I hope I gave all the foods their proper names. We loved our Japan eating experience and all the wonderful people that served us. And thank you Kyoko, Amanda and Ken for taking us to such unique places to dine.