Sunday, June 12, 2016

Birding in Tandayapa, Ecuador

We decided that once we were down in Ecuador for our Galapagos Island trip we should spend a little extra time doing something else. So we planned a birding trip. I found the Magic Birding Circuit on Tripadvisor and an itinerary was set up for us to visit the San Jorge Eco-lodges in Tandayapa and

Crimson-rumped Toucanet
Tandayapa is in the sub-tropical cloud forest of the Andes Mountains. The views from our room were spectacular! It was a little overwhelming at first - just us and the forest. However, the husband and wife team in the dining area and our birding guide, Miguel, made us feel right at home.

San Jorge Eco-lodge Tandayapa

View from our room
Hiking trail for birding

This is the open area for meals. It was wonderful to sit and eat and watch the birds come in. Our guide, Miguel, and a Washington State student joined us on this day.

Glasswinged Butterfly

We also spent a couple of days at their San Jorge Eco-Lodge Quito located just above Quito in the Pichincha protected forest. Here we joined a group of about 10 birders. 
We are off on a birding trek with Dr. Cruz and Miguel as our guides. For us low altitude people the climb was quite strenuous. The path finally leveled out and the going was much easier.

Our hike ended at a pretty waterfall where we found a Saphire-vented Puffleg.

Saphire-vented Puffleg
My next post will feature some of the birds we saw. It's time to return home and rest!

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  1. Carol, these are wonderful photos. I am happy you added on this leg to your trip!