Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Desert in the Summer

Hiking down trail to riparian area of Sabino Canyon

Sabino Canyon in early summer
 One of the great benefits of birding is that I really notice my surroundings while I am looking for birds. I'm also more aware of the seasonal changes going on around me. Yesterday, we went back to Sabino Canyon and the desert agave was blooming and the saguaro cacti have gone from white blossoms to fruit.
Agave Blossoms 

We saw many birds enjoying the fruit of the Saguaro and Barrel Cactus.
White-winged Dove on top of Saguaro Cactus

Cactus Wren on Barrel Cactus Fruit
by Christina Jasberg
 Being summer we have to be on the lookout for snakes and other poisonous critters. This is the third rattlesnake we have seen on our bird outings!
Rattlesnake by Keith Jasberg
Soon after seeing the rattlesnake we saw this beautiful deer. If we hadn't been looking for birds we would have walked right on by.

Deer at Sabino Canyon by Keith Jasberg